Uploading Files Using Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver connects with a basic FTP program. In this guide, we will show you how to connect to the server and define some of the additional fields mentioned in the connection process and how they are used.

For the example I will be using Dreamweaver Ultradev 4; however, all versions of the program basically connect with the same interface so it doesn?t matter what version you are running.

In site menu you will want to choose new site, this will bring up the Site Definitions wizard:

Local Info Tab:

In this tab you will submit the information for your local machine so that it is able to calibrate links accurately when you post your website to our servers.

Site Name Field: In this field you will want to put a name for your website.

Local Root Folder: In this field you will put the path on your workstation to where you would like to store your website and any files related to it. This can be any folder on your computer but you will have to know how to get to it. Enter full path e.g. C:\documents\webs\mynewwebsite\ or click on the folder icon to the right to navigate to your website's directory.

HTTP Address: In this field you will need to put in your domain name - http://www.yourdomain.com, this enables Dreamweaver to calibrate any links that you have in your pages so that they work correctly both when you test the page on your workstation and on the web server.

Cache: The enable cache box allows your workstation to save any settings you use enabling the computer to work more quickly. Usually best left as enabled.

Remote Info Tab:

In this tab you will fill out the information for connecting to the web server. First you will want to change the access dropdown box from the default none to FTP.

FTP Host: In this field you will want to use the IP address that you were sent in the welcome email that came when your account was set up. You may also use the form ftp.yourdomain.com (substituting yourdomain.com for your own domain name).

Host Directory: you will need to put /public_html in this field, as this is where your content should be saved for viewing on the net.

Login: In this field you will use the CPanel user name that you were supplied in the welcome letter that you receive as confirmation that your site has been set up.

Password: In this field you will use the CPanel password that you were supplied in the welcome let that you receive as confirmation that your site has been set up

Use Passive FTP: Check this setting.

Use Firewall: If you are using a firewall you will want this checked and will want to configure the firewall settings in the preferences for Dreamweaver. Try connecting with this setting unchecked if in doubt.

Check In/Out Area: These settings are for large groups working on the same project from remote locations as a sort of logging to tell who is working on what sections. Most users will not need this area and settings and can uncheck everything.

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