Uploading files using WS_FTP software





1. Download and install the ftp software from our website (http://qservers.net/process/downloads.php)

2. During installation select the student option, and for private use option.

3. Run or start the software. Once started, there will be 2 windows, a small one and a larger one behind. On the small window, click on the delete button repeatedly to delete all the sample domains that comes with the software.

4. Once done, click on the new button and replace the following settings with yours.

Fill in the following details with your own site details, sent to you by email. Email titled "Qservers.net - New Account Info"

A. PROFILE NAME: mydomain.com

B. HOST NAME/ADDRESS: ftp.mydomain.com


D. USER ID: mycpanel userid

E. PASSWORD: mycpanel password ( check the save password box )



The small window disapears and the larger windows displays two panel sides.

The left side is your local system i.e your laptop or desktop, you will have to browse to the location of your files using the arrow on top

The right side is your web server space, click on the www folder to open it.

Once it's opened follow the steps below:

1. On the left side panel Select the files you wish to transfer, you can select multiple files and folders by pressing down the shift key or ctrl key.

2. Once selected, open the www folder on the right side panel. Once this is open click on the right arrow between the two panels ( this means your uploading files from left to right, if you want to download files you will click on the arrow facing left. ) 

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as many times as needed.
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