Backup Restoration Service
Restoration of terminated hosting accounts from backup servers.

N100.00 Monthly
N1,000.00 Annually
Automatic Website Protection Service - AWPS
AWPS service automatically provides 24/7 extra protection and security for your website and removes malicious content from your hacked website, creating a safer visitor experience for your customers. It's a must have for every website.
N33,300.00 Annually
N33,300.00 Annually
Dedicated IP
1 Extra IP / Domain

Domain Name Deletion
Cost of requesting a TLD domain to be deleted from the registry within 2 days of registration.

N10,900.00 Annually
N10,900.00 Annually
Privacy Protect
This service hides a domains whois contact information.
.NG domains do not support Privacy Protect.
N500.00 Annually
N500.00 Annually
Advanced DNS Manager
Easily create the following records
A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, SPF, NS, SRV, Web Redirect, Masked URL Redirect, ALIAS, RP, SSHFP, NAPTR, CAA, TLSA
Malware Removal Service
Removal of malware from compromised CMS (e.g wordpress, joomla or drupal)