Uninstalling frontpage extensions


If you no longer wish to publish to your site using FrontPage Extensions, you can remove them using the Frontpage Extensions Menu.


WARNING: When installing or uninstalling FrontPage Extensions you will loose all of your .htaccess files for your site. This means that any changes you have made to your .htaccess files will be lost.



1 To access  Frontpage Extensions, click on the  icon above the words Frontpage Extensions on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 To uninstall FrontPage Extensions, click on Uninstall Extensions


NOTE: The following will appear (except the date will be the date you installed the extensions on, and the version may be different) :


Attempting to remove FrontPage extensions...

Starting uninstall, port: 80.

Created: 00 Jan 0000 11:11:11 -0000


Port 80: Uninstall completed.

Removing .htaccess files....Done

Removing old frontpage files...Done

FrontPage extensions are currently: not installed





You will see different choices depending on whether or not you currently have FrontPage Extensions installed. Check below status to see if you currently have extensions installed.


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