Reinstalling frontpage extensions


If your FrontPage Extensions are not working properly, reinstalling them may solve the problem. Before you uninstall them, and install them again, try reinstalling them to get them to work. Also, reinstalling FrontPage Extensions will upgrade them to the latest version.




1 To access  Frontpage Extensions, click on the  icon above the words Frontpage Extensions on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 To reinstall FrontPage Extensions, click on Reinstall Extensions.


NOTE: The following will appear (except the date will be the date you installed the extensions on, user will be your username, and the version may be different) :


Attempting to install FrontPage extensions...


Starting install, port: 80.

Created: 02 Jun 2004 19:32:57 -0000


Server extensions already installed on port 80.

Reverting to upgrade.

Starting upgrade, port: 80.

Created: 00 Jan 0000 11:11:11 -0000


Chowning Content in service /.

Port 80: Upgrade completed.

Upgraded Version:

Starting chown, port: 80, web: "/".

DocumentRoot:  "/home/user/public_html"

Setting Password

Frontpage passthough auth enabled!


FrontPage extensions are currently: installed




You will see different choices depending on whether or not you currently have FrontPage Extensions installed. Check below status to see if you currently have extensions installed.


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