I already have SSL. Can I cancel it and get Let's Encrypt?

Yes, you can. You should cancel your current SSL before you can get Let's Encrypt. However please note that the other SSL certificates from QServers might come with a dedicated IP and a dynamic site seal, which is something you won't get with Let's Encrypt.

Before you proceed with the paid SSL cancellation, bear in mind the following:

  • Your dedicated IP that goes with the SSL will be cancelled, too.
  • All domains and subdomains on your hosting account will be assigned a new shared IP.
  • Your DNS settings need to be updated with the new IP. If your domain is managed by us, we will update the settings automatically. If it is not, you should update them yourself at the company managing your domain.
  • Once the DNS settings are updated with the new IP, it can take from a few hours to up to 72 hours for all your websites domains to start being associated with the new IP (a process known as DNS propagation). During this time your websites may appear down if accessed by domain name.
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