Domain Name Transfers

Requirements for successful domain name transfer:

  • The domain name to be transferred is not in 'locked' Status.
  • The customer has access to the administrative contact email for the domain.
  • The customer can provide with the domain EPP key code or transfer secret, applying to domains for which there is such a code.
  • There are more than 5 days till the domain name expiration date.
  • The domain name was registered for the first time more than 60 day ago.
  • The domain name has one of the following extensions: .com; .net; .org; .biz; .info.

Steps (Transfer your domain to

1. Check & make sure your domain status is active and not locked. if "locked" ask your reigistrar to open your domain for a transfer. Also check the email address for the administrative contact, make sure the email address is yours, the transfer request will be sent to this email, for approval. To check your domain status & administrative email please click the link:

2. Ask your current registrar for your EPP Key or domain transfer secret for your domain.

3. Make sure you have access to the email address that is listed as the administrative contact for the domain ( The transfer request will be sent to this email address)

4. Make your order on our website ( domain transfer ).

5. A domain transfer request will be sent to the administrative contact for approval. Follow the instructions in the mail to accept transfer.

6. The domain will be transfered successfully in 5 days if the EPP key is correct.

For Webhosting Transfer:


If your old host is using cpanel control panel, you can give us your cpanel settings and we will automatically backup your site and transfer it to your new hosting package. All email accounts and email content will be transferred also.


You can either download your files from your old host, and then upload them again onto your new package. ( Email accounts will be newly created. No email account content will be transferred).

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