Due to a few changes that have happened in the web hosting industry as many of you may be aware, on June 27th, 2019 CPanel announced a massive shift in how its license prices were calculated and sold. The cost we incur on our services has increased due to the increase in CPanel License.

The services that this increase will affect are all our shared hosting packages including E-commerce hosting packages, VPS packages and Dedicated Server hosting packages.

The prices of our other services including Whois privacy protect, Domain Registrations / renewals , SSL and BRS ....etc remains the same.

Also we will be charging an extra N50 for ATM/POS payments on invoices.

Our new pricing will come into effect from the 1st December, 2019.

We hope for your understanding and we assure you that we would work hard to keep our prices affordable and competitive as always.

Thank you.

dateTime.thursday, dateTime.october 31, 2019

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